Greeting card 'C'est vendredi on s'roule un pelle'

Greeting card 'C'est vendredi on s'roule un pelle'

Greeting card from a series produced between Bref and Benjamin Deshaies, part-time illustrator. His sketches are created from observations in kind of rare and magnificent creatures.

  • With envelope
  • Dimensions: 4'' x 6''
  • Digital printing
  • Without text inside

Bref is a boutique, a gallery, and an event space that offers a unique journey and shopping experience to lovers of art and design, renewed over the months. Based in Montreal, Bref brings under a specific theme, exclusive articles made by emerging artists and brands, both on the local and international scene.

RETURN POLICY: Only credit notes are given due to the ephemeral nature of our offering. Return must be handled directly with Bref. 

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