5 Winter-to-Spring Outfit Ideas

5 Winter-to-Spring Outfit Ideas

5 Winter-to-Spring Outfit Ideas

5 Winter-to-Spring Outfit Ideas

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Is it hot, is it cold, is the weather somewhere in-between a beautiful Spring day and a Winter snow storm, and what should I wear to not look like a fashion victim between seasons?

It’s the most awkward time of the year weather-wise, which is why I have to ask myself this series of questions just about every morning. Who’s with me?

Fortunately, the way to straddle through both seasons is fairly easy. All it takes are a few layered looks that usually consist of a combination of great light outerwear, tights and a few floral pieces to help put some spring in your step.

Here are 5 foolproof winter-to-spring outfits to survive the most awkward time of the year!

Look 1 – @justinecelina

Keep hemlines long for more leg coverage on those colder days with a maxi skirt. Add a pair of tights for extra warmth and opt for a cozy sweater like @justinecelina to complete your look.



Look 2 – @caitbrownfield

Layer a sweater under your dresses and add a floral design to your look to keep your outfit light and happy during this transitional weather like @caitbrownfield.



Look 3 – @aboutLaurane

Have fun with colour during this time of transition and opt for a statement-making jacket paired with a light sweater and a pair of over-the-knee tights. I love how @aboutLaurane is rocking a pink jacket.



Look 4 – @bohoandbraidsblog

Chunky knits aren’t too overpowering during this time of year when paired with over-the-knee tights and a mini skirt. Again, choose elements like a knit sweater in a nice hue to bring on the Spring vibes.



Look 5 – @justinebrouill

A mini denim skirt is a must for Spring! Combine yours with a sweater and a pair of over-the-knee tights like @justinebrouill for a weather-appropriate look.



What are your foolproof winter-to-spring outfit ideas? Share them on Instagram and tag @rachelstights! I would love to see them.




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