Why Every Girl Needs Over-the-Knee Tights

Why Every Girl Needs Over-the-Knee Tights

Why Every Girl Needs Over-the-Knee Tights

Why Every Girl Needs Over-the-Knee Tights

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I fell in love with over-the-knee tights last year, when I first discovered this tights style. They’re one of those items that you don’t know is missing from your life until you actually own them. No matter your style, over-the-knee tights are the ultimate wardrobe accessory and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Still unsure about why these tights are a must?

Here are three reasons why you need over-the-knee tights in your life!

Better than an over-the-knee sock

I know what you're asking yourself; what's better than an over-the-knee sock for Fall? The answer is clearly over-the-knee tights. They offer the same style as an over-the-knee sock, but your whole leg is covered so you’re much warmer. They also have an adorable finish at the top and various styles, so styling options are endless. Finally, unlike over-the-knee socks, they actually stay up and you’re not left tugging and pulling at them every few seconds.

Over-the-knee boots’ perfect companion

Over-the-knee tights are BFF’s with over-the-knee boots! When it gets cooler outside and you want to start wearing tights with your boots, opaque tights just don’t make the cut, as it ends up looking like you’re not even wearing over-the-knee boots at all. With these flattering tights, you can actually see the division between boot and tight. What’s more, the fun print above the boot will add that extra something to your look to take it to the next level.

The perfect introduction to graphic tights

Are you still a little scared to dive right into the full-on graphic tights trend? Over-the-knee tights are a great introduction to graphic tights without being too over-the-top. They’ll ease you into the trend and give you that graphic tight look you crave. Right now, I’m loving the Over-the-Knee Triangle Print Tights. Try the trend for yourself and elevate your style.



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