Can You Wear White in the Winter?

Can You Wear White in the Winter?

Can You Wear White in the Winter?

Can You Wear White in the Winter?

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If we followed the old saying "no white after Labour Day" then we'd never get to enjoy the true joys of wearing white in the Winter. Luckily, those old school rules have been thrown out the window with yesterday's news! Winter white looks are some of my favourite outfits to style. So believe me when I say; you CAN wear white in the Winter. In fact, you can most definitely wear it all year long.

Here’s how to wear white in the Winter the right way!

Pick out white pieces first

When you put your white Winter look together, pick your white pieces first so that you can figure out what's going to be the main focus of your outfit. Once you have your base, you can bring your outfit together from there. I chose a tweed white skirt and my white booties to match. Tweed is one of my favourite things to wear in the cooler months. It resembles Chanel, which is of course super chic, and it helps to keep you warm (win-win).

Decide on other colours

Next, bring in some darker colours to really make the white pop. I love the look of burgundy and rust together, and I knew they would look great with white as well. Since white goes with everything, the other colours can be pretty much anything. I like to pick two colours that I already love together and then the white is like an added bonus. You can also use white/cream and do lighter tights, like the light grey merino wool tights, and make your entire outfit a neutral dream!

Finishing touches

Your finishing touches can really make or break your outfit. Coloured tights are a great way to change up your outfit and stand out from the crowd. I also decided to opt for matching accessories to really pull my outfit together. Burgundy tights pair perfectly with a burgundy beret for a complete look.

Outfit details
Blouse: Forever 21
Boots: Asos
Skirt: Zara
Beret: Zara
Bag: Forever 21

White is such a great colour, or non-colour really, to add to your Winter wardrobe. It matches almost everything and really adds a chic and sophisticated touch to your looks, so don't be afraid to try it! 



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