When to Wear Tights

When to Wear Tights

When to Wear Tights

When to Wear Tights

Tights Guide

Is there ever a bad time or place to wear tights? Definitely not, but there is a time and a place for every pair of tights.

I wear tights all year round including on warm days and even in the middle of frigid cold temperatures. They work for date night, for work functions, Happy Hour and everything in-between.

If you’re still not sure when to pull out your tights and which pair to wear, I’ve thought of a few good places to start.

Here’s a guide to when you should wear tights!

When the temperature drops

To keep wearing your favourite skirts and dresses in the Fall, it’s necessary to pull out and pull on your tights. A pair of sheer tights are the perfect option to jump into the cooler season, while opaque tights in fun hues and prints can further step up your legwear game.

When the temperature REALLY drops

When we really enter frigid cold temperatures, you can STILL wear tights. Winter tights in merino wool and cotton blends can actually keep you warm in temperatures reaching below 25 degrees celsius. They’ll be your best ally to beat the cold guaranteed.

But also when it’s warm and you didn’t shave your legs

Summer might seem like an awkward time to wear tights, but there’s actually plenty of reasons why you should embrace this essential accessory, even during warmer months. Really, who has time to shave everyday this summer? Thankfully, tights can allow you to go a few extra days without shaving when you’re time pressed.

When you need a little extra oomph

Is your favourite denim skirt feeling a little blah lately? Punch up your wardrobe and your daily looks by incorporating tights in fun prints and colours. Our over-the-knee tights add instant style to any basic dress of skirt, while printed tights with triangles and hearts can add instant visual appeal to an otherwise boring outfit.

When you’re feeling self-conscious

I don’t always feel the best about my legs, especially when they’re not at their best because I didn’t have time to shave, exfoliate, moisturise and do everything in-between. Will that stop me from wearing my little black dress this saturday night? Absolutely, not! When I’m feeling self-conscious, I find tights are the ultimate option to help me feel my best.

When it just feels right

Are you asking yourself whether or not you should wear tights today? If so, the answer is probably yes! Go with the flow and the feelings, and step out of your comfort zone in a tights look that is sure to make heads turn.

When do you like to wear tights?



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