What to Wear to the Office this Fall

What to Wear to the Office this Fall

What to Wear to the Office this Fall

What to Wear to the Office this Fall

Style Tips

Dressing for the office can be a little tough. Depending on where you work, different styles can be deemed appropriate or inappropriate.

It's important to follow your office dress code, but there are still many ways to make your outfit stylish and creative without going overboard.

For an office-approved look, I’m opting for a skirt suit and freshening up my look with weather appropriate accessories that also show off my personality.

Here’s an office-approved outfit idea to try this Fall!

Start with a matching set

A matching skirt suit is very on trend right now. The best part is that it’s easy to wear, yet versatile enough so you can easily make it your own. I love this plaid wool set, which is perfect for this time of year. Not to mention that a blazer is almost always office appropriate!

Sweaters are always a good idea

A sweater is an ideal piece to wear under your skirt suit for Fall/Winter. It's super cozy and keeps you warm. This sweater has a little-scalloped hem on the bottom, which adds a feminine touch to balance out the masculinity of the plaid suit. Make sure to choose a thin sweater so you don't end up with unnecessary bulk under your blazer.

Add a hat or scarf

Depending on where you work a hat may not be appropriate, but at my office, a hat is always a must. If you still want to add a little something, but aren't allowed to wear hats then try a cute scarf. I chose this beret with pearls to add a little more elegance to my workwear look. Pick a scarf that pairs well with the colours in your outfit and opt for a chunkier scarf to help keep the cold nip in the air at bay during your commute.

Play with your tights

Tights are great for so many reasons, one being that you can completely change the appearance of your outfit. I've been wanting to style these adorable heart tights for a while and was waiting for the perfect companion. When I picked this suit I knew that these heart tights were a great way to show my personality and really make a statement with my workwear.

Outfit details

Jacket: ASOS (similar)
Skirt: ASOS (similar)
Hat: Simons
Boots: Old Navy (Similar)
Sweater: Aritzia

No matter what you wear to the office, make sure you balance the dress code with your personality and really make the outfit your own instead of looking like a carbon copy of what to wear to the office.



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