Color Tights

What Color Tights to Wear for Fall to Step Up your Style Game

Color Tights

What Color Tights to Wear for Fall to Step Up your Style Game

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When fall rolls around, it’s easy to get stuck in a style rotation that consists of minimal outfit variations of black on black, followed by more black and the odd shade of grey.

Fall however, offers the opportunity to wear so many other hues, and wearing colored tights is definitely THE simple way to give color a go now.

As a tights and hosiery lover like myself, I know you’re thinking; “hell yes, let’s give colored tights a try!” All while wondering, “what color tights should I wear?”

This season, no matter what color tights you wear, opt for straight forward pieces, but don’t again default to black clothing options. Instead, maintain a consistent tone throughout your outfit and try to keep colors all in the same family.

Also, note that what color tights you wear, should also depend on the occasion and the setting that you’re wearing them in.

Still not sure what color tights you should wear?

Here are 3 outfit ideas to help you choose what color tights you should wear for fall!

Burgundy Bliss

Color tights

Burgundy is always a fall color favorite and if you’re wondering what color tights to give a try this season, this is it! To try burgundy tights for yourself, combine them with a complementary color such as navy and a neutral. For a chic look, wear a pair of navy polka dot shorts over your burgundy tights with a crisp white blouse. Complete your outfit with a burgundy hat and enjoy the new found color in your life!

Tights: From Rachel
Shorts: Zara
Hat: Blackburn & Raymond

Red Hot

Color Tights

On a brighter note, red tights can be the perfect option to add some color to your wardrobe for both a night time and day time look. To run the day, wear a pair of red tights with a casual dress like this khaki number. The red flower detailing will allow you to maintain a consistent tone throughout your outfit without looking like a red hot mess. Finish of your look with a pair of black booties.

Tights: From Rachel
Tunic: Zara

Mustard Yellow, Never Mellow

Color tights

Mustard yellow is another fall favorite and a safe color to try for the new season. Wear mustard yellow tights with a fun polka dot dress. The neutral color palette makes this dress an easy option to pair with colored tights, while the polka dot pattern still keeps it interesting! Wear this outfit for a brunch, to run errands, or just about anywhere else.

Tights: From Rachel
Dress: Zara

What color tights are your favorite to wear for fall?



What tights should I wear?


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