patterned tights

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Patterned Tights

patterned tights

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Patterned Tights

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Come the colder months, tights are a girl’s best friend! While classic black sheer and opaque tights are a wardrobe essential, you’ll definitely want to step up your style game with patterned tights this season to continuously reinvent your wardrobe.

For fall and winter, there are so many patterned tights options to choose from, from classic sheer polka dot tights to triangle and heart print tights, and even opaque print tights. No matter which ones you choose, patterned tights will instantly make your outfits more interesting.

The key is to know how to properly style them and it’s way easier than it looks. I have a few style tips to help you get started.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of wearing patterned tights!

Do: Play with materials and textures

Patterned tights

Combine your tights with various materials and textures to add some dimension to your look. A leather skirt with a cozy sweater pairs perfectly with patterned tights!

Don’t: Forget to play with colour

Patterned tights

Black and grey will always pair well with your sheer patterned tights, but try something different and opt for a top or dress in a bold colour instead.

Do: Wear them with leg warmers

Patterned tights

Leg warmers and over-the-knee socks are your tights best ally. Don’t be afraid to wear them with patterned tights! They will only make your outfit more interesting and provide extra warmth.

Don’t: Be afraid to add patterns

Patterned tights

You can pair patterns with patterns, so don’t be afraid to wear items with prints with your patterned tights.

Do: Show off your legs

Patterned tights

Wear a dress or skirt that has a shorter hemline to really show off your legs and of course, your tights! Complete your look with a pair of high heels that will help make your legs look even longer.

Don’t: Let your outfit get too busy

Patterned tights

While you should feel free to mix your patterned tights with colour and other prints, choose wisely. Stick to a couple of colours and add only one other print to your look in order to not make your outfit look too busy.

Do: Wear them with shorts

Patterned tights

When we think of tights, we think of dresses and skirts, but this little accessory can also be paired with shorts. In fact, polka dot tights and denim shorts is always a winning combination.



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