5 Style Tips to Wear Printed Coloured Tights

5 Style Tips to Wear Printed Coloured Tights

5 Style Tips to Wear Printed Coloured Tights

5 Style Tips to Wear Printed Coloured Tights

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As the leaves slowly start changing colours, I slowly start changing mine too! I love adding reds, yellows and earth tones to my wardrobe to get into the Fall mood especially with a pair of tights.

Burgundy Tights with Polka Dots, as well as navy tights give me all those Fall feels, though they can sometimes leave people wondering how to style them. If that's you, no worries!

Here are 5 tips to style printed coloured tights like a style pro!

1. Pair with neutrals

If you're new to wearing coloured tights and have no idea where to start, play it safe. Think neutrals, like white, cream, beige and grey. Neutrals go with every colour and are my go-to to pull off a classic look. You can never go wrong pairing coloured tights with a cream skirt or a grey dress. It's simple and effortlessly chic.

2. All black everything

All black with coloured tights is always and I mean always a good idea. I especially love a LBD (little black dress) paired with coloured tights for a Fall date night. A pair of black denim shorts with burgundy tights can also be instant #OOTDGOALS! In fact, pull out any black skirt, dress or shorts, and pair with printed coloured tights for an easy Fall look.

3. Stick to a colour palette

If you're feeling adventurous and want to add another colour to your look, here's my tip: Stick to a colour palette! Printed colour tights are such a fun statement piece, but can get lost in an outfit with too many prints and colours. If you're wearing a yellow dress with burgundy accessories (like a purse), finish your outfit off with burgundy tights to pull the entire outfit together. This easy tip will keep you far away from the fashion police, I promise!

4. Don’t be afraid of other prints

Don't be afraid to wear other prints with your printed coloured tights. You can definitely mix both in a stylish way. Again, take colours into consideration and make sure both prints have at least one colour in common. Also, opt for easy prints like polka dots for a seamless pattern-play and try to avoid prints that are too complex, which can sometimes be tricky to pair.

5. Have fun!

Finally, have fun with your tights! I encourage you to experiment with coloured tights and to try to create multiple looks. Fashion should be fun and style is your own! So think outside the box with your printed colour tights and feel free to break a rule, or two.



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