Style Tips to Wear Graphic Tights

Style Tips to Wear Graphic Tights

Style Tips to Wear Graphic Tights

Style Tips to Wear Graphic Tights

Style Tips

Graphic tights have been all the rage and these killer argyle print tights with back seams have me drooling. They’re the ultimate statement piece to allow your outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Since graphic tights leave such a strong impression, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to style them accordingly.

Here are 4 tips to style graphic tights the adult way!

Keep your outfit minimal

You want your tights to do the talking, while your outfit just needs to be along for the ride. Keep outfit details to a minimum and let your tights shine. It’s important to still keep your style in the mix, so opt for your favourite colour combo for a touch of flare.

Pull your outfit together

I believe that if you have a touch of black on your legs then there should be a touch of black somewhere else in your outfit too. Follow this rule, so your outfit doesn’t end up looking like a mismatched mess. Add a black hat or a black bag to the mix and voila, you’ve got the perfect look to pair with your graphic tights.

Mix Prints

There’s no need to shy away from adding more prints to your look, but what you need to do is think small. Since graphic tights already have such a bold print, you’ll want to add another print that isn’t too overwhelming. You don’t want prints to be duking it out with each other, so in order to keep the fighting at bay, use a small print like the printed polka dot scarf I opted for.

Keep it short

The best way to make sure you’re tights don’t go unnoticed is to combine them with a shorter hemline. Since you’re wearing tights, it’s totally appropriate to go a little shorter. Stick with a short skirt or shorts to make sure your graphic tights get their 15 minutes of fame.

When your tights shine, you shine. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, and these graphic tights are oh so right!



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