The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for your Best Friend

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for your Best Friend

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for your Best Friend

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for your Best Friend

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Gift giving season is here and there’s no way we would forget to cross off our best friend from our gift list.

This Holiday season, no matter who your best friend is, there’s no doubt that a Rachel gift subscription will put a smile on her face. Offer her a 1, 2, 3 or 6 month subscription, so she can enhance all her looks with new tights and enter the new year in style.

The best part? A Rachel gift subscription will be appreciated by just about every different type of bestie you may have.

Here’s why a Rachel subscription is the ultimate gift idea for every type of bestie in your life!

For the Fashionista

If your best friend is a fashion lover, then a fashion subscription box is sure to please! For the duration of her gift subscription, she’ll receive 2 pairs of tights in every box to help her update her looks on the regular.

For the Girl Boss

Support your BFF’s Girl Boss vision by offering her a tights subscription that will help her look good and feel confident throughout her ventures. Tights From Rachel are perfect to hit the boardroom in or to make a statement in at a lunch meeting.

For the Cool Girl

If your BFF is a confident cool girl, then she’ll love to receive tights From Rachel that are full of personality. A Rachel subscription was made for cool girls who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and who love to wear something original.

For the Free Spirit

For your friend who loves to live with her head in the clouds, a Rachel subscription is the ultimate gift. She’ll love receiving a surprise month after month and will be overjoyed with the fun styles Rachel offers to match her free spirit personality.

For the Long Distance BFF

No matter how far she is, your BFF is always there for you. Let her know that you’re thinking of her every month by offering a Rachel Subscription. This gift will bring a smile to her face again and again because she’ll think of you everytime she receives a new box and she'll gain a little something new too.


Will you be gifting a Rachel subscription this Holiday season?



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