Two Years Later: Rachel After Dans l’oeil du dragon

Two Years Later: Rachel After Dans l’oeil du dragon

Two Years Later: Rachel After Dans l’oeil du dragon

Two Years Later: Rachel After Dans l’oeil du dragon

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April 4, 2017, is a day we will never forget!

It was on this day that we hit the big screen and had our faith on Dans l’oeil du dragon broadcasted across the province.

Rachel’s co-founders faced the dragons in the Radio-Canada studio on season 6 of Dans l’oeil du dragon.

The response was beyond anything we could imagine, especially after striking a deal with dragon, Martin-Luc Archaumbault.

Since airing, Rachel has been in full growth and expansion mode, but we’ll never forget the moments that got us where we are today. In fact, we’re feeling super nostalgic and taking a trip down memory lane!

Here are Rachel’s co-founders best memories from Dans l’oeil du dragon!

The Before

“I remember waiting in the Radio-Canada studio for hours before facing the dragons! We were so nervous and the pressure was mounting with every passing minute. At one point, we just had to go into the washroom and let out a lion cry! It felt great and it was just what we needed to let out before facing the dragons for real.” – Carolyne Parent, CEO

The During

“The airing of Dans l’oeil du dragon was just as dramatic as the filming! When we aired on Dans l’oeil du dragon, we got so much website traffic our website literally crashed! Everything was so chaotic, I didn’t even end up watching the episode until weeks later.” – Melanie Heyberger, CMO

The After

“I’ll never forget the 48-hour high that followed filming. We felt great and kept reliving all the moments in our heads, trying to remember everything we did and said. We had no idea what the final clip would look like, but we did our best and stayed positive about the results to come.” – Alyeska Guillaud, COO

Did you watch us on Dans l’oeil du dragon? What do you remember?



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