5 Ways to Transition your Shorts Into Fall

5 Ways to Transition your Shorts Into Fall

5 Ways to Transition your Shorts Into Fall

5 Ways to Transition your Shorts Into Fall

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Shorts season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put them away!

Similarly to many of my summer skirts and dresses, I love to transition my shorts into cooler weather by combining them with tights.

Not only will this simple style hack allow you to recycle your summer clothes and save money, but it will also give your cut-offs a whole new look. You can experiment with various tights styles to reinvent your shorts and create various trendy outfit ideas.

In need of some outfit inspiration to begin?

Here are 5 ways to transition your shorts into the new season with tights!

With Over-the-Knee Line Tights 

Take your denim shorts into the new season by combining them with Over-the-Knee Line Tights. The delicate detail is just as intricate as it is subtle, offering an ideal accessory to amp up your looks. 

With Polka Dot Back Seam Tights 

For an original look that makes a subtle statement, wear our Polka Dot Back Seam Tights with your shorts. This tights style is super versatile and is fun to mix-and-match with shorts of various colours.

With Diamond Tights

Wear high-waisted shorts with Diamond Tights for a trendy look that’s also season appropriate. Diamond Tights have visual appeal that won’t go unnoticed, and they equally pair well with skirts and dresses.

With Star Polka Dot Tights

Our Star Polka Dot Tights pack a lot of personality! Wear them with a pair of basic shorts in a solid colour and really let your legs do the talking.

With Burgundy Semi-Sheer Chevron Tights 

Add some colour to your wardrobe and wear your shorts with Burgundy Semi-Sheer Chevron Tights. Play with materials and prints like with shorts in denim to create a textured look.

Will you be wearing shorts with tights this season?



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