Top 10 Most-Read Fashion Stories of 2018

Top 10 Most-Read Fashion Stories of 2018

Top 10 Most-Read Fashion Stories of 2018

Top 10 Most-Read Fashion Stories of 2018

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Rachel readers know just how important style is and that’s why our fashion stories attract thousands and thousands of readers each month!

In 2018, style tips were top of mind and readers continued to ask for the best ways to care for their tights. Did you read these trending stories?

Here are Rachel’s top 10 fashion stories of 2018!

10. 5 Ways to Repurpose Used Tights & Save Money

Did you snag your tights more than once in 2018? Readers were interested in ways to repurpose their old tights. Find out how here.

9. 5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting on Tights

Readers know how important it is to put on tights the right way, so these 5 mistakes they were sure to avoid. Discover them here.

8. 7 Shorts and Tights Looks to Take you Into Summer

Shorts and tights was one of readers favourite outfit combinations this year. Get inspired here with these 7 looks.

7. The Tights Style you Need for Fall

Our over-the-knee tights were still our best selling style in 2018! Discover our latest OTK styles here.

6. 7 Things That Will For Sure Rip Your Tights

Readers know just how fragile tights can be. Discover here the 7 things we told you to avoid.

5. Everything you Need to Know to Choose the Right Size Tights

This 2017 article is one that readers turn to again and again! Are you buying the right size tights? Read here to find out.

4. How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

Our Canadian readers are well aware they still need to beat the cold, while looking good. See here how to build the perfect cold-weather approved outfit.

3. When to Wear Tights

Is there ever a bad time or place to wear tights? Definitely not, but there is a time and a place for every pair of tights. Find out here.

2. Why Every Girl Needs Over-the-Knee Tights

We can think of a few reasons why every girl needs Over-the-Knee Tights in their wardrobe. Here’s why.

1. 10 Tights Rules to Follow

Our readers love to follow and break fashion rules. Either way, these golden rules are worth the read. Don’t miss it here.

Stay tuned for more fashion stories in 2019!



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