fashion socks

Tips to follow for styling fashion socks

fashion socks

Tips to follow for styling fashion socks

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There’s a major trend happening right now and it involves a very little and affordable accessory: fashion socks.

It was previously quite a niche fashion look, but this season were finding socks peaking through sneakers, matched with mules and fully exposed when mixed with heels, both on the runway and on our favourite Instagram stars.


Fashion socks have emerged in the form of fishnet sockettes, in patterned sheer formats, and my new favourite, in sparkly materials. The socks in question come in short styles that hit above the ankle and are made to be seen.  

Still, you don’t need to be a style blogger or have an Instagram following of 50,000+ to successfully pull off this trend because it’s actually really practical and easy to wear. It’s just a matter of embracing a few style tricks.


Weather you want to jazz up your favourite sneakers or you want to wear your heels through the colder months, fashion socks will be your new beloved fashion hack. In need of some styling pointers to get you started?

Here are some tips to follow to style fashion socks!



Opt for either crazy socks or crazy shoes; you can’t do both at the same time. If you want to wear sparkly socks or fishnets, choose a more neutral shoe and let your socks do the talking.




Besides choosing the right shoe and sock combination, you need the right outfit to show them off. For fall, consider cropped trousers your new best friend!



If you’re no fashion wallflower and want to try socks with heels, pick shoes that have a low or mid-length heel. They’re more versatile and will provide an effortless look.



Don’t forget to coordinate with other colours in your outfit. To avoid being a mix-and-match mess, choose neutral colours for your socks like grey, beige or black. For a punch of colour, try socks in burgundy or forest green.



Play with the length of your fashion socks and don’t be scared to let them bunch up around your ankle, or to pull them up a little higher. We’re all made differently, so pick the length that looks best on you and that’s best for your outfit.





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