The Modern Way To Wear Pastel For Spring

The Modern Way To Wear Pastel For Spring

The Modern Way To Wear Pastel For Spring

The Modern Way To Wear Pastel For Spring

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Now that spring is fully here, pastel colours have returned to our wardrobes in full force. Dresses, skirts, shorts and overalls: every spring item you can dream of can be found in a range of sweet, springy hues.

Although these colours look pretty on their own, sometimes you want to amp up your look with an impactful pair of tights. So in this post, we’re letting you know the modern way to wear pastels for spring.

With a dainty pattern

Pairing a solid-coloured pastel with a subtle pattern (like tiny triangles) will never go out of style. A simple triangle pattern pairs well with any pretty spring colour, and it won’t clash with a bolder floral pattern, either.

Try your triangle-patterned tights with a dusty pink or baby blue. They add a touch of visual interest under a long jacket or prim pleated skirt.

modern way to wear pastelsWith a bold detail

Pastel colours convey innocence and refinement, but you can spice up pale yellow by adding an unexpected bold detail—like a vertical stripe.

Adding vertical stripe tights to a simple A-line dress will add a pop of boldness to an otherwise simple spring look. It’s a perfectly modern way to wear pastels for spring.

modern way to wear pastelsWith a deep contrasting colour

Wearing a rich dark colour for your tights adds depths to any springtime outfit. A solid colour serves as the perfect canvas for any pretty pastel combinations, like a pretty pink floral pattern.

Try a pair of navy tights with a tailored romper for a look that is sophisticated and smart.

With an updated classic accessory

Ultra feminine, hearts are a total no-brainer as a match for pastels. And if you’re looking for a modern way to wear pastels for spring, this updated black seam style is exactly what you need.

Pair your black seam heart tights with pastel peach, and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off the runway in this chic, romantic look.

modern way to wear pastelsWith an edgy twist

Ready for something totally different? Fishnets are the epitome of a modern way to wear pastels for spring. Edgy and super trendy, fishnets have been everywhere recently, so adding them to any spring outfit it a sure sign that you’re a gal with your finger on fashion’s pulse, and daring enough to try anything.

Try your fishnets with a pastel purple skirt or sky blue romper, and any shoes you can think of—heels, runners, booties… anything goes.

modern way to wear pastels

What’s your favourite modern way to wear pastels? We can’t wait to see what you’ll try this season. Share your looks with us on Instagram and Twitter!

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