The Best Christmas Sweaters to Wear this Season

The Best Christmas Sweaters to Wear this Season

The Best Christmas Sweaters to Wear this Season

The Best Christmas Sweaters to Wear this Season

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While some holiday parties require you to dress your best, there are other occasions that call for more festive and fun attires. Enter, the ugly Chrtsimas sweater. 

An over-the-top Chrtsimas sweater is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit and here at HQ, we love to get festive. That’s why I shopped Christmas sweaters for the team and opted for fashionable and hilarious options that anyone would want to wear this time of year. 

Get inspired for your own festive looks with these sweater options that are totally Holiday-approved.

Here are the best Christmas sweaters to wear this Holiday season!

The turkey Christmas sweater

Christmas is about friendship, love, and let’s face it; food! For the turkey lover, this shirt will even make grandma happy as it references her classic Christmas meal and make the whole family laugh with it’s not so subtle pop culture quote. 

The gingerbread Christmas sweater

If you’re looking for a funny and witty sweater for the holiday season, this one is for you! While gingerbread is a Christmas favourite, the funny musical reference will keep you on trend even as you wear an ugly Christmas sweater. 

The alcoholic Christmas sweater 

This sweater was made for that uncle or aunt who’s always around the Christmas tree with a beer or a glass of wine in hand. Get festive in this holiday sweater with a drinking reindeer graphic at the front that will have everyone thinking - “this sweater was made for you”. 

The classic Christmas sweater

For the true Christmas lover, a classic “ugly” Christmas sweater adorned with pure holiday cheer is all you need. Opt for a sweater with all your classic holiday markers like Christmas trees, candy canes, and snowmen, and keep the good holiday vibes rolling.

The pop culture Christmas sweater

Make a not so subtle nudge to modernity this holiday season with a sweater that references pop culture like this “chill” sweater referencing Netflix. The modern touch will show off your cheeky side in a truly genius way! 

Which Holiday sweaters will you buy this season?



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