busy day outfit

The Best Busy Day Outfit for A Girl On The Go

busy day outfit

The Best Busy Day Outfit for A Girl On The Go

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Rachel is one busy gal. She never knows what the day ahead will have in store, so stepping out in the perfect busy day outfit is crucial to handling everything that comes her way.

For Rachel, the best busy day outfit is versatile, comfortable, and fashionable. For the busiest days, Rachel knows mesh ruching leggings are the best bet. These leggings are perfect for every activity in her agenda, keeping her comfortable and stylish while, even if she’s rushing from dawn to dusk.

Morning yoga

With a busy day ahead, it’s ideal to start off centered and calm. An early morning trip to the gym gets Rachel feeling relaxed and ready to face anything. Her mesh ruching leggings allow her the flexibility and comfort to totally zen out.


busy day outfit

Morning meetings

On to the office! Hold up—leggings at the office? That’s right! This dainty pair can bring you straight from the gym to the boardroom. Rachel swaps her athletic top for a long tailored blazer, and adds a pair of sophisticated booties to complete a professional look.

https://fromrachel.com/shop/Lunch with friends

After a busy morning, it’s time for a quick break to step out for a bite. Rachel’s leggings turn heads on the sidewalk, and are the envy of her friends when they meet up for lunch. No one can tell this is a busy day outfit—it Rachel looks just as stylish as ever!

busy day outfitRunning work errands

On the busiest work days, sometimes the afternoon is run, run, run. From meeting with clients and suppliers, to making pitches and attending meetings, Rachel can hardly catch her breath. But in her mesh ruching leggings, she never falls out of step, with the freedom to run from one task to the next, and a look that is tied-together and professional all day long,

busy day outfit

Drinks with coworkers

When it’s time to clock out, it’s time to celebrate a successful day! It’s time for Rachel to shed the blazer and let her hair down. Congrats on the hard work today! Your busy day outfit carried you through!

busy day outfitRelaxing at home

When at last the day is done, it’s time for Rachel to unwind and put her feet up. Phew! Good thing she’s already stayed comfortable all day in the perfect pair of stylish-yet-comfy leggings. Once she’s home, all she needs is to add her favourite pair of slippers and coziest sweatshirt to feel perfectly relaxed.

busy day outfit

It was a long and busy day (and who knows what tomorrow will bring!), but Rachel is always ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. In a great pair of leggings, she’s always ready to face the day with confidence and a smile.

What’s your go-to busy day outfit?

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