Style Tips to Follow To Wear Fishnet Socks

Style Tips to Follow To Wear Fishnet Socks

Style Tips to Follow To Wear Fishnet Socks

Style Tips to Follow To Wear Fishnet Socks

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Come summer, I’m always way excited to pull out my fishnet socks, which are super versatile and an inexpensive wardrobe investment.

Not only do I love the way fishnet socks add some extra style to my looks, I also love how they help me break into my summer sandals (you know, before you have time to go for a pedicure) comfortably.

If you’re into the fishnet trend (or not), I know some ways to wear fishnet socks that is sure to elevate your style.

Here are 3 styling tips to follow to incorporate fishnet socks into your wardrobe!

Opt for basic shoes

When it comes to rocking fishnet socks, the rights shoes make all the difference. Though fishnet socks pair well with a variety of footwear options from booties and sneakers to sandals, you’ll want to opt for footwear styles that are simple. Choose shoes that are a solid colour like a pair of black or white sneakers, and other footwear options that aren’t too over-the-top.

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Keep your outfit simple

Fishnet socks are the perfect accessory to elevate your style, which is why you can go ahead and keep your outfit as simple as possible. There’s no need for head-to-toe colour and prints. Instead, wear basic patterns and play with materials like denim and leather to create a killer look complete with fishnet socks.

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Try lilac fishnet socks

Black fishnet socks may be a sock staple, but lilac fishnet socks offer a softer approach to the trend. Not to mention, lilac is one of the top colours for Summer 2018! If you’re a fashion wallflower, give lilac fishnet socks a try. Pair them with chic runners for an on-trend look.

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How do you like to wear fishnet socks?



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