Style Lesson: Meet Justine Brouillette

Style Lesson: Meet Justine Brouillette

Style Lesson: Meet Justine Brouillette

Style Lesson: Meet Justine Brouillette

Style Tips

My style is constantly being influenced by some of the amazing bloggers, stylists and influencers I get to work with here at HQ!

Personal style is indeed personal after all, and everyone at Rachel has a style that is unique and true to their own personalities.

That’s why I’m turning the mic over to some of the real women I get to work with for their style tips and must-have pieces of the season! Ready to get inspired?

Today, meet Justine Brouillette, an influencer, stylist and original member of Rachel’s Squad!

1. In a few sentences, can you describe what you do as a stylist and content creator?

Whether through my photos, blog posts or videos, I do my best to inspire my followers in their everyday lives by sharing my fashion, beauty and decor finds on my platforms. In terms of styling, I’m sometimes called upon to participate in shopping events and to give fashion workshops. Otherwise, I’m bringing new life into the wardrobe of people!

2. How would you describe your style?

I definitely wouldn’t say I only have one style. I like to explore what is trendy and I have a penchant for street style-inspired outfits. Still, I also like to have a chic, yet casual look.

3. Which tights styles would you say are a must-have and why?

Absolutely ALL of Rachel's over-the-knee tights are a must-have. I’m completely sold on this tights style. They always make your legs look great and that's what I like. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but there is not a single time where I wore these tights and did not get complimented, and that’s always a bonus!

4. Which tights are you wearing this spring and why?

Sheer Foliage Polka Dot Tights are a must for me this spring. With their ultra delicate design, they bring a touch of originality to all my looks. Then, there’s also Rachel’s Eco Polka Dot Tights, which are just perfect for this season. The polka dot print is making a comeback and I couldn’t be happier. This is a fun tights option to have when you want to wear print, but don’t want a look that’s over-the-top.

5. When do you usually wear tights?

First off, I wear tights when I want to be comfortable. Rachel's tights are part of my favourite items to wear for ultimate comfort! Then I also wear them when I want to bring a touch of originality to my looks. Rachel's tights are definitely anything, but boring!

6. What fashion items could you not live without?

There are several items that I could not live without, but here are my top 4:

  1. An oversized white blouse because it matches with everything
  2. The motto jacket because it gives a very street style look
  3. A pair of Mom Jeans for their perfect fit
  4. Jewelry to add personality to all my outfits

7. Who is your style icon and why?

Without a doubt it’s girlboss Negin Mirsalehi. Her style is just impeccable. I see myself in her style no matter if it’s a casual look or a more glamorous outfit. She dares to play with different styles and that's what I find inspiring when looking at her Instagram feed.

What tights should I wear?


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