Fab Outfit

Step Into a Fab Outfit in 5 Easy Steps

Fab Outfit

Step Into a Fab Outfit in 5 Easy Steps

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Let’s face it, we all have those days when we’re stuck for ideas on how to create a fab outfit for the day. (If writers get writers block, then fashionistas get fashion-block, right?)

There’s no shame in needing a little help every once in a while to get the creative style juices flowing. And taking things one step at a time makes it so much easier, too. So here’s a handy guide to starting your day off on the right foot (literally) and creating a fab outfit that will leave you feeling confident, no matter what vibe you decide to emulate.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Choose your vibe

Don’t panic—step away from the closet! Before taking even another glance at your clothing options, take a moment to think about what kind of attitude you want to show off with your outfit today. The key to any fab outfit is starting with a clear vision of who you want to present yourself as on that given day. Girly sweetheart? Sporty tomboy? Do you want to be sexy, sophisticated, glamorous? Take a look at what’s on your agenda for the day, consider the mood you’re feeling, then choose a general look you want to build on.

Step 2: Choose a sockette to match

Once you’ve chosen your vibe for the day, it’s time to start building the outfit. In order to ensure you step out feeling confident, let’s begin from the bottom and work our way up—starting with sockettes!

If you decided to go for a girly vibe, heart print socks will be right up your alley.

For a sporty look, athletic-style stripes are the best place to start.

To play up a classy feel, black socks with a confetti motif will do the trick.

To add an air of sexiness to your look, choose fishnet socks.

And if you want to go full-glam, glitter socks are the perfect choice.

Step 3: Choose one other statement piece

With your sockettes chosen, it’s time to bring the rest of the outfit together. To avoid creating a look that risks being too busy, try to build the rest of the outfit around one other statement item. This could be a super-flattering figure-hugging dress, a boldly-patterned maxi-skirt, or a jersey for your favourite team.

Fab Outfit

Step 4: Complete the outfit with complimentary basics or your favorite accessory

Finish off your fab outfit with complimentary pieces that bring it all together: maybe a plain white button-up, your favourite pair of shorts, or your favorite bag.

Fab Outfit

Step 5: Step out in your fab outfit

Just one step left to complete the look—shoes! The great thing about sockettes is that they can be paired with any kind of footwear you like, be it heels or sneakers or ballet flats. Opt for a pair that match your chosen vibe for the day… and then you’re all set!

Fab Outfit

Try it for yourself!

Try this set of steps for yourself the next time you’re facing a severe case of fashion-block… and show us the results on Instagram and Twitter! We always love to see your outfit creations!


– Rachel

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