Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Get your Closet Ready for Spring

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Get your Closet Ready for Spring

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Get your Closet Ready for Spring

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Get your Closet Ready for Spring

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Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to prep your wardrobe for the new season! The only question is: “Where do I begin?”

Spring cleaning (aka editing your mess of a closet) can feel a little overwhelming, but I promise you’ll feel better than ever once it’s all done!

Start by setting aside an appropriate amount of time to go through your closet (aim for 2 hours) and start attacking different sections of your closet one at a time. I usually start by going through the items I have hanging and then I attack my drawers.

Next, follow these 5 easy tips and your wardrobe will be spring ready in no time!

Tip 1: Store your winter clothes

While you might not have the space to completely flip your closet from winter to spring, start by separating your Winter clothes from your new season wardrobe, and make sure to bring your spring pieces to the front of your closet. The first weeks of spring will still be a little cold, so stash heavier pieces you no longer need in the back of your closet and keep your more versatile pieces up front, so you can still wear them in the new season.

Now is also the time to get rid of winter items you didn’t wear this year. General rule of thumb: If you didn’t wear it this year, you won’t wear it the next. It’s time to get rid of it and make room for something new.

Tip 2: Organize your spring clothes

Now that your spring clothes are making a comeback and your Winter clothes are less in the way, start organizing your spring pieces. I like to separate my wardrobe by clothes type, meaning dresses go with dresses, skirts with skirts, tops with tops, and so on. This will give you a better idea of what type of pieces you have and will make getting dressed in the morning a much easier process.

Again, now is still the time to edit. If you’re pulling out items that feel out of style or maybe just no longer your style, get them out of your closet and make room for pieces you’ll actually wear.

Tip 3: Donate or consign old items 

You’re likely to be left with clothes you no longer want or need (good job separating these), and you’ll want to get rid of them. There’s really no sense in keeping them in a box at home when other people can use or wear them.

Due to time restraints, I usually donate any clothes, but will try and sell accessories online. That purse you no longer wear can make someone else very happy and make you some extra cash too!

Tip 4: Enlist some wardrobe help 

Now that your closet is finally shaping up for the new season, take a good look at it and think about what you want to add to it. Do you want to add more feminine pieces to your wardrobe? Some more colour for the new season?

Besides being all-around fun, our subscription service is here to help you amp up your personal style, and the turn of the new season is a great time to do so. Consider subscribing, where you will be asked to share your style preferences so our team of stylists can choose fashion accessories for you to complete your spring wardrobe.

Tip 5: Create a spring wardrobe wishlist 

If you’ve figured out what you want more of in your wardrobe this season create a wishlist! Don’t just hit the mall and go on a shopping frenzy where you’re likely to buy pieces you don’t really need. Instead, determine what you truly want or need first.

Are you ready for a spring closet clean out?



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