5 Sneaker Styles to Wear with Tights

5 Sneaker Styles to Wear with Tights

5 Sneaker Styles to Wear with Tights

5 Sneaker Styles to Wear with Tights

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A few years ago, you would have never found me in a pair of sneakers, but now that this look is popping up everywhere I’m reconsidering it. When well executed, sneakers can look chic and provide the perfect balance between comfort and style.

There are so many ways to style tights and sneakers, and the best part is that it’s something you can literally run around in.

Since Dad Sneakers are such a huge trend right now, it makes sense that we would start pairing them with tights for Fall. Still, if you’re not into the chunky shoe trend there are plenty of other sneaker styles to choose from.

Here are 5 sneaker styles to wear with tights!

1. Classic Nikes

For a more athletic look, match a pair of semi-sheer tights with classic Nike sneakers, like the Airmax Theas. A casual long shirt and an oversized coat matches perfectly with this combo.

2. Chunky “Dad Sneakers”

As seen on multiple celebrities and influencers, it’s clear that Dad Sneakers go well with sheer tights and socks. For that extra “wow” factor, wear this combo with a mini blazer dress and show off your legs. Hello, Bella Hadid, is that you?

3. Platform Sneakers

I love a good platform sneaker because they give you a little height and make your legs look longer. Pair them with over-the-knee tights and a belted oversized shirt for a relaxed, yet chic look.

4. Classic Lowtop Vans

This sneaker style, paired with graphic tights, will be the star of your outfit. Opt for minimal wardrobe pieces when styling this look and let your footwear stand out. A simple sweater dress goes well with this trendy ensemble!

5. Converse High Tops

Out of all the sneaker styles, I find converse high tops to be the most versatile. They look great with shorts, skirts or dresses and with a variety of tights. My favourite converse look is with sheer tights and a long belted cardigan.

So go ahead and pair tights with sneakers, and rock it any way you want! What once would have been considered a fashion faux pas is now a hot trend.



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