4 Reasons to Ditch Sweaters for Sweater Dresses This Fall

4 Reasons to Ditch Sweaters for Sweater Dresses This Fall

4 Reasons to Ditch Sweaters for Sweater Dresses This Fall

4 Reasons to Ditch Sweaters for Sweater Dresses This Fall

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What if I told you to ditch all your sweaters this Fall and only wear sweater dresses?

You would probably think I was crazy, but that's exactly what I'm doing and I have a few good reasons why. Ready to say goodbye to your beloved sweater collection?

Here are 4 reasons to ditch your sweaters for sweater dresses this Fall!

1. One sweater dress = multiple outfits

If you're trying to save a pretty penny on your wardrobe then versatility is key! One of my favourite tricks for getting the most bang out of my wardrobe is to buy pieces that can give me endless outfit possibilities. You can wear your sweater dress with a pair of booties; with a pair of funky tights; belted for a little shape; or tucked into your favourite pair of jeans or leather pants. There are so many options and so little days in the week to wear them all. Now, can your sweaters do that?

2. Maximum style and comfort

Wearing a sweater dress is basically as comfortable as wearing a blanket out in public. They're crazy cozy, yet still stylish! A basic black sweater dress can be turned from drab to fab with an on-trend belt bag, a trendy pair of tights, and a pair of white kicks.

3. Throw it on and go

Running late this morning? Don't feel like planning out an outfit? Just feeling lazy? A sweater dress is your ultimate throw-on-and-go-outfit! There’s not much thinking or planning required with this outfit idea. Pair it with any of your favourite tights styles and you’re ready to go. Now I know your sweater definitely can't do that.

4. Play with tights

A simple black sweater dress can be paired with any tights style and is an easy way to rock an on trend look. This week, I’m pairing mine with Rachel’s Triple Striped Tights. Sweater dresses also pair perfectly with over-the-knee tights. If my 3 other reasons didn't convince you to ditch your sweaters for sweater dresses, I know this one will!

So, are you team sweater or team sweater dress?



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