Rachel's Gym Bag Essentials

Rachel's Gym Bag Essentials

Rachel's Gym Bag Essentials

Rachel's Gym Bag Essentials

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Like most women, I have some go-to items that I carry with me everywhere and that includes a few essentials in my gym bag.

Each item is particularly useful and helps ensure I’m ready for any training session. That's why I’ve decided to share with you my gym bag essentials to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Here are 8 essentials I always keep in my gym bag!

1. Leggings + Shorts

Whether it's simple black leggings or leggings with a fun print, I always have a pair in my bag to get me through my trainings. Depending on the activity and weather, I’ll also opt for a pair of shorts, so I keep them on hand and in my bag.

2. Headphones

My headphones are a must to get me through a workout! I plug them into my phone and turn on my favourite sports playlist to stay motivated throughout my training.

3. A t-shirt

After a good session at the gym, there’s nothing better than changing into a soft and comfortable t-shirt. This floral accent t-shirt matches perfectly with leggings to take you to your next destination.

4. Deodorant

No need to explain why; I always have a deodorant stick in my bag to wear both before and after my workout sessions.

5. Moisturizer

One thing I never neglect is my skin, which is why I always have good moisturizer on hand. I keep some in my gym bag to properly hydrate my legs when I exit the shower after a tough workout.

6. Sneakers

The right pair of sneakers is so important when working out. When I’m not going to a yoga class, I slip a good pair of running shoes into my gym bag. Make sure you also choose the right pair of sneakers for your type of workout.

7. A water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated both during and after any workout session. I use a reusable glass bottle to avoid wasting plastic bottles.

8. Activewear wash

This soap was made to keep activewear clean and smelling fresh. It comes in a travel friendly size so it’s perfect to keep in my gym bag, in case of any accidents.

What are your gym bag essentials?



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