Behind-the-Scenes: Rachel’s New Look

Behind-the-Scenes: Rachel’s New Look

Behind-the-Scenes: Rachel’s New Look

Behind-the-Scenes: Rachel’s New Look

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Did you know From Rachel launched 4 years ago? A lot has happened since inception: We have expanded our mission, we have updated our goals and most of all, we have grown.

So, it only seemed fitting for Rachel (hey, that’s me!) to update her look! On December 10, 2018, From Rachel revealed to the world a new and more mature style including an updated logo and fresh website design.

What’s new and what’s to come? I sat down with our founders - Carolyne, Melanie & Alyeska - to get all the details on the evolution of Rachel! Here’s what they had to say.

1. How would you describe Rachel’s new look?

Melanie, CMO: More flirty and elegant, but also more ambitious and determined!

2. How has Rachel’s look changed and evolved?

Melanie, CMO: We’ve updated our logo, colours and full website design. More mature and daring, Rachel is now ready to cross borders, meet new customers and offer more beautiful products. All this, with more confidence and in keeping with our mission to make women feel beautiful and feminine everyday.

3. What process did you follow to create a fresh new look for From Rachel?

Carolyne, CEO: We all sat down and asked really profound questions about who is Rachel and what is important to her. We also asked ourselves questions about the types of things she would have like if Rachel had a car, what would it be? I really enjoyed sharing my answers with my two associates. It made me realize that the most important thing is that we share the same values and that we see the future through the same eyes.

4. What was the hardest part about updating Rachel’s look?

Melanie, CMO: The hardest part was making sure the brand maintain its personality and style. We are very attached to Rachel, her style and her mission. There was no question that that needed to stay. The idea was to make it evolve and allow the brand to stand out. Mission accomplished!

5. What’s your favourite element of Rachel’s updated style?

Alyeska, COO: Rachel's new style is a very natural evolution that’s more feminine and refined. I particularly like the new pale pink, powdery and delicate that’s accompanied by other brighter hues. Rachel is a brand that has a personality and a known character that will now be recognized by all that see the logo that bears the name.

6. Now that Rachel has a new look, what’s next?

Carolyne, CEO: Rachel is feeling strong, confident and ambitious. She wants to share and offer what she does best nationally and internationally. It’s also very important to her to stay true to herself and remain authentic. That means to always stay close to her community, to continue to take the time to listen, co-create and invest in her relationships.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Rachel experience!


Rachel, Carolyne, Melanie & Alyeska

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