From Rachel on Dans l’oeil du dragon .

One year later: Rachel after Dans l’oeil du dragon

From Rachel on Dans l’oeil du dragon .

One year later: Rachel after Dans l’oeil du dragon

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April 4, 2017,

Do you remember where you were? We do!

We were gearing up to relive one of the most exciting/stressful/OMG moments of our lives, one that was about to be shared with thousands of viewers on Dans l’oeil du dragon!

Months earlier, our co-founders had faced the dragons in the Radio-Canada studio for season 6 of Dans l’oeil du dragon where they asked the dragons for $50,000 for a 10 percent stake of our company.

On April 4, 2017 our faith was broadcasted across the province. Luckily, Quebecers were highly receptive, especially as we concluded with a deal from dragon, Martin-Luc Archaumbault.

Since airing on Dans l’oeil du dragon, our company has been in full growth and expansion mode! Our team has tripled in size (you recently met our content specialist and our customer experience specialist) and our number of subscribers has quadrupled (THANK YOU)!

From Rachel on Dans l’oeil du dragon .

What’s more, we’ve been able to offer you our customers more products in a wider variety of choices, like through our new plus size line.

And that’s not all! There’s so much more to come…

Here are 3 things our co-founders are most excited about since facing the dragons on Dans l’oeil du dragon!

1. We’re known

“Rachel doesn’t need to be introduced anymore, people just know us! We’re well-known and customers want to shop with us. We’ve proven ourselves!” – Carolyne Parent, CEO

2. New product line on the way

“Since meeting the dragons, we’ve gotten even closer to our audience, which has allowed us to create more products clients love! We also have a new product line coming for the summer that I can’t wait to share.” – Melanie Heyberger, CMO

3. Better styling service

“Since meeting the dragons, we’ve been able to improve our processes to offer clients a better experience. We’re constantly perfecting our technology to make the best tights selection based on our clients style preferences. Our objectif: To have clients 100 percent satisfied!” – Alyeska Guillaud, COO

Did you watch us on Dans l’oeil du dragon? What do you remember?




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