5 Tips to Prep your Closet for Fall

5 Tips to Prep your Closet for Fall

5 Tips to Prep your Closet for Fall

5 Tips to Prep your Closet for Fall

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The transition from Summer to Fall is probably my favourite switch of the year because I’m obsessed with layering and being cozy. While I love to bare some skin in the Summer, I equally love putting on a fresh pair of tights and pointed ankle boots to strut the streets, latte in hand.

Since temperatures aren’t quite cool enough to get into full on sweater mode just yet, I follow a few tips to help slowly transition my wardrobe from Summer to Fall.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the transition from Summer to Fall!

1. Opt for tights

A pair of sheer tights give off Autumn vibes, but also allow your skin to breathe in warmer weather. It’s a win-win situation, which is why I love pairing tights with my favourite summer dresses and skirts.

2. Layer

When I think of Fall, I think of layering because the possibilities are endless and also necessary. Though you might start the day with multiple layers, it’s easy to take them off if it heats up, which will allow you to transition your clothes into the new season.

3. Accessorize with scarves and hats

Summer is almost over, but the accessories are here to stay! I love to top off my in-between season outfits with a baker boy hat or a silk scarf. These accessories work great for the transition to Fall because they’re not too heavy.

4. Swap open toe shoes for booties

As it gets cooler, I don’t like to have my feet exposed, especially if I’m wearing tights, making the switch from open toe shoes to boots super important to transition your wardrobe successfully. My favourite combo right now is a sheer pair of tights with sock boots!

5. Incorporate warm colours

If we’re bringing out tights, it’s only fair that we bring out warm colours too, right? I like to enter the new season with brown, beige and grey because they’re happy medium colours. You can never go wrong with a few dark neutral pieces!

How will you transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall this year?



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