5 Ways Over-the-Knee Tights Can Update your Look

5 Ways Over-the-Knee Tights Can Update your Look

5 Ways Over-the-Knee Tights Can Update your Look

5 Ways Over-the-Knee Tights Can Update your Look

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Whenever my clients tell me they want to add an accessory to their wardrobe to easily update their look, over-the-knee tights is always my answer.

This unique tights style is my go-to accessory that I have fun styling in just about every way imaginable.

Over-the-knee tights are opaque until the thigh and then sheer the rest of the way up for a look that mimics a high sock. There are also tons of variations including our most recently introduced Over-the-Knee Heart Stripe Tights and White Polka Dot Over-the-Knee Tights.

Ready to see for yourself how this must-have accessory can update your Fall wardrobe?

Here are 5 ways over-the-knee tights can update your look!

Get cozy

When combined with casual materials and items like a cozy sweater, White Polka Dot Over-the-Knee Tights instantly dress up your look. This tights style helps add dimension to your outfit, while the white polka dots add a fun punch to your look.

Update your dresses

A simple dress is completely reinvented when combined with White Polka Dot Over-the-Knee Tights. The classic polka dot print will add visual appeal to your dress without overpowering your look. Opt for simple footwear like a pair of Chelsea Boots and you’ll have an updated style in no time.

Update your skirt

We should all be able to appreciate a good denim skirt, but sometimes even this wardrobe essential can start to feel a little stale. Enter, White Polka Dot Over-the-Knee Tights. This tights style will modernize your favourite skirts and give them a fresh feel.

Add some romance

To add some flirt to your outfit, look no further than our Over-the-Knee Heart Stripe Tights. Located just above the knee, the heart stripe makes a subtle yet eye-catching difference. Wear this tights style with a classic mini skirt to put a new and fun spin on your date-night looks.

Play with prints

White Polka Dot Over-the-Knee Tights provide endless pattern play possibilities! Wear these tights with another classic print like a striped top for a stylish look that won’t go unnoticed. Stick to neutral colours and play with basic prints to avoid a fashion disaster.

How will over-the-knee tights update your look this season?



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