over the knee tights

Over-the-Knee Tights: 3 Styles, Endless Fashionable Possibilities

over the knee tights

Over-the-Knee Tights: 3 Styles, Endless Fashionable Possibilities

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Adding layers to an outfit is one surefire way to add visual interest to your look. The problem is, as the weather gets warmer, layers become more of a hassle and less comfortable. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for you: over-the-knee tights.

Over-the-knee tights make it easy to add fun details to your look with just one simple accessory. And we’ve got three models that we think you’ll love.


Classic Over-the-knee tights

These tights have the effect of looking like over-the-knee socks on top of semi-sheer tights. When the weather gets warmer, save yourself the hassle of layering up and pull on a pair of these tights instead.

Outfit ideas:

The high-socks look brings a schoolgirl chic attitude to mind. You can’t go wrong pairing these tights with a pleated skirt and smart cardigan.

They also pair well with a bold pattern, like a bright floral dress or skirt. The tights will compliment the pattern and not create a busy look.

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Over-the-knee tights with stripes

For an added level of interesting detail, this model is just what you’re looking for. They provide an effortless means of making your look a little fancier with no added stress.

Outfit ideas:

Try these tights with sophisticated clothing items and accessories. Metallic shoes and leather shorts would make a great combination with over-the-knee stripes.

You can also allow these tights to be the star of your outfit, and pair them with a simple ensemble like a plain shirt-dress or denim dress.

Over-the-knee tights with dots

The most playful option of this trio is the over-the-knee with dots tights. Since they are so completely unique, your girlfriends will be begging to know where you got your pair. (Whether you share your secret is up to you!)

Outfit ideas:

There’s something about polka dots that inspires a girly look. Try these tights with pretty yellows or pinks in your outfit and fun hair accessories.

Adding these tights is also a great way to spice up your office outfit. Try these tights with a pop of colour, like a red blazer, to take your daytime look from drab to fabulous.

So, which option do you like best?

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