Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Exercise

Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Exercise

Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Exercise

Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Exercise

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Picking the perfect outfit for your workout can be a difficult task and considering just how important it is to choose the right workout clothes, it’s a task you don’t want to overlook.

Will I be too hot in this top? Will these leggings fall during my workout? Should I wear shorts or should I wear leggings? HELP!

To save you time and to get you doing your favourite activities in comfort, I’ve put together a few outfit ideas. Whether you want to hit a yoga class or take an outdoor run, these outfit ideas will get you there.

Here are 5 outfit ideas that are perfect for various workouts!

For Zumba

For any type of aerobics or dance class, a pair of good quality and well fitted leggings is necessary. Baggy clothes will only way you down during this type of exercise and won’t be able to support your movements. Complete your look with a top that’s loose and breathable so you don’t feel restricted.

For Running

If you love long outdoor runs or hitting the treadmill, stay cool in a light and comfortable tank top and a pair of athletic shorts. These shorts have a stay-put waistband, so you don’t have to worry about constantly pulling up your shorts when you run, while a tank top is the perfect option to stay cool.

For Pilates

For a class training that’s spent mostly on the ground or a mat, opt for a pair of fitted leggings to complete you workout in. I’m currently obsessed with pineapple print and find these leggings adorable. Finish your look with a loose top and don’t be afraid to show off some skin, so you can feel as free as possible.

For Spinning

Jump on your bike in a pair of athletic shorts for a comfortable workout. These athletic shorts are the perfect length for cycling and offer a great slim fit so you can ride freely. Then, top your outfit with a trendy sports bra so you can feel secure in your movements and beat the heat.

For Yoga

A fitted legging in a fun tropical print is just what you need to take you through a yoga class. While loose fitting clothes can rub against your skin when you move and cause a rash, these leggings will move with you through all your yoga movements. A light long sleeve top is a great option to stay warm in studios that are a little more chilly.

What type of exercise are you doing this summer?



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