Organize your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Organize your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Organize your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Organize your Life in 5 Easy Steps

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As a busy woman on-the-go, staying on top of your deadlines and commitments is key, but it can also be overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s never too late to organize your life and it can easily be done by adopting a few tricks.

In just a few steps, you can organize your life and become the super achiever you were always meant to be or perhaps, at least remember to make it to your weekly appointments!

Moreover, with the turn of the new season and September finally here, it’s the perfect time to set some objectives and assess what’s important in your life. There’s no need to wait until the new year to set life-changing goals and it all begins with a little organization.  

To that end, here are 5 easy steps you can take to help organize your life.


Step 1 to Organize your Life: Prioritize with a To-Do List

First things first, determine what are your priorities and what is important to you, and be sure to write them down. Be realistic and determine what you actually have time for, and what can wait by writing everything down on a to-do list that is arranged in an orderly fashion. This list will help you to prioritize and keep your goals on track, while you begin getting organized.

Step 2 to Organize your Life: Centralize your Schedule

organize your life

Next, you’ll want to choose a place to keep all your appointments and to do’s on track. This might be on your phone in a Google calendar or even in an agenda. Keep this schedule on hand and be sure to consult it regularly to remain on track. By centralizing your schedule, you’ll easily be able to plan out your days and weeks, and ultimately feel less stressed.

Step 3 to Organize your Life: Minimize, Minimize, Minimize

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Now that your schedule and priorities are in order, be sure to pull yourself out from your everyday clutter and leave behind the things you don’t need. Whether it’s makeup, clothing, or books, set aside time to go through your most over-crowded collections and let go of what’s weighing you down. Never wear that eyeshadow pallet? Pass it on to your sister and share the books you’ve already read with friends who will enjoy them too. Finally, consider donating your old clothes to a charity in your area.

Step 4 to Organize your Life: Automate Everything 

organize your life

Make things a little easier for yourself by automating everything you possibly can. Properly schedule recurring events into your calendar now and set up any automated pill payments to give yourself one less thing to think about. Automate what you can and eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.

Step 5 to Organize your Life: Put Yourself First

organize your life

Finally, in order to stay organized throughout the year, make your personal needs and health a top priority. You can’t get things done on your to-do list if you’re constantly low energy from not eating well or if you haven’t had the chance to unwind with your best girlfriends. Your personal health and happiness is necessary to stay organized and to accomplish your goals, so be sure to put yourself first.Xo,


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