3 Opaque Tights Styles you’ll Love for Fall

3 Opaque Tights Styles you’ll Love for Fall

3 Opaque Tights Styles you’ll Love for Fall

3 Opaque Tights Styles you’ll Love for Fall

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Opaque tights are my saviour come the cooler months and a great style option to help bring my summer dresses and skirts into the new season.

The opaqueness of your tights depends on their “denier”. The higher the denier, the more opaque and thick your tights will be. Some pros of opaque tights is that they’re less prone to snags and tears, and they also keep you warm, compared to sheer tights.

Everyone needs at least one pair of opaque tights in their closet and there are a tone of new style options for the season including colourful and patterned opaque tights that are way fun.

Here are 3 opaque tights styles you’re sure to love!

Navy Polka Dot Tights

These navy tights are one of my favourite new tights styles of the season. They work great with shorts and skirts with shorter hemlines, and their polka dot detailing adds further visual interest. You’ll love this tights style for chilly evenings on the town or even incorporated with your favourite workwear.

Burgundy Polka Dot Tights

Burgundy is a great colour to bring into Fall and one way to add it to your wardrobe is with Burgundy Polka Dot Tights. This opaque tights style is super fun for the new season and can easily be worn with base tones like beige, black and white. Wear them with a pair of black booties to complete your look.

Opaque Tights with Heart Print

If you’re a fan of prints you’ll love our Opaque Tights with Heart Print! Just like your essential black opaque tights, this tights style can also act as a basic and can be combined with just about any dress or skirt option. The feminine detailing also works well for both day and night.

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