Office Style: Meet Mélanie

Office Style: Meet Mélanie

Office Style: Meet Mélanie

Office Style: Meet Mélanie

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Here at HQ, I work with a wide variety of people, but there is one thing they all have in common and that’s great style!

In fact, when I’m not writing about fashion and style, I’m usually analyzing theirs. Everything from their new tights to their latest purchases, never go unnoticed when I’m around and with good reason.

They’re my style inspiration on the daily and I bet they're about to become yours! Ready for a dose of fashion inspiration?

Today, meet Mélanie, our Chief Marketing Officer!

1. In a nutshell, what do you do in your position at From Rachel?

My role is to make sure we always have the best products to offer customers and to make those products live through beautiful visuals, our blog, social media and website.

2. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love working collaboratively with our clients and our community. I'm inspired by the latest trends, influencers and even Pinterest to create new product styles. Then, I ask our community for help choosing the best styles to include in up-coming collections. It’s what we call co-creation!

3. Describe your personal style in 3 words…

Trendy, casual and minimalistic.

4. Who’s your style icon and why?

Emma Watson because she’s very natural and because I really like her take on feminism, and her commitment to fair trade and sustainable development.

5. Which items are currently in your From Rachel shopping cart?

Our leggings, they’re so comfortable that it's hard to ever wear anything else.

6. Your spirit animal is…

Carrie Bradshaw because she's independent, owns it and dares to do everything without worrying about what other people think. Also because her wardrobe is a total dream!

7. Which fashion items could you not live without?

My over-the-knee tights! They add a style twist to all my outfits, no matter if they’re casual or chic.

8. Fill in the blank: When I’m not at work, I’m…

I'm spending time with friends and with Charlotte (my dog and Rachel's mascot). I love to hang out in the Mile End, I never get tired of the area!

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