Office Style

Office Style: Meet Maryane

Office Style

Office Style: Meet Maryane

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Here at HQ, I work with a wide variety of people, but there is one thing they all have in common and that’s great style!

In fact, when I’m not writing about fashion and style, I’m usually analyzing theres. Everything from their new tights to their latest purchases, never go unnoticed when I’m around and with good reason.

They’re my style inspiration on the daily and I bet they’re about to become yours! Ready for a dose of fashion inspiration?

Today, meet Maryane, our Customer Experience Specialist!

Office Style.

1. In a nutshell, what do you do in your position at From Rachel?

At From Rachel, I answer questions, comments and inquiries from customers. I make sure they’re a 100 percent happy with their purchases.

2. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I really like being a direct link between customers and the company. I like the feeling I get from making a difference in their overall shopping experience and after-sale service.

3. Describe your personal style in 3 words…

My style is rather classic, minimalist and a little bit nostalgic.

4. Who’s your style icon and why?

I LOVE Lucy Hale’s style! It’s classic, but she always adds a little twist that makes all the difference. Her beauty looks are also always on point!

5. Which items are currently in your From Rachel shopping cart?

I prefer classic and essential items like the polka dot tights and the classic over-the-knee tights. My next purchase will definitely be a pair of leggings made in Quebec!

6. Your spirit animal is…

Jennifer Lawrence because she asks for pizza on the red carpet (I’d do the same) and she’s a badass feminist!

7. Which fashion items could you not live without?

I always have jewelry on! I never take off my favourite rings, all made in Quebec or in Canada. Since my looks are simple, it adds an extra touch.

8. Fill in the blank: When I’m not at work, I’m…

I’m probably binge-watching a couple of series (I’ll never get tired of Friends!) or planning my next trip. On the weekends, I’m likely with friends, sipping on a (or many) gin and tonic!

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