3 Occasions to Wear Leg Warmers and How to Style Them

3 Occasions to Wear Leg Warmers and How to Style Them

3 Occasions to Wear Leg Warmers and How to Style Them

3 Occasions to Wear Leg Warmers and How to Style Them

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Last month, I showed you HOW to wear leg warmers, but some of you might still be wondering WHERE to wear leg warmers.

This little accessory will add a cozy feel to many of your looks, but they’re not meant to just be worn around the house or at the gym. Instead, leg warmers should be worn to help elevate your looks for a variety of occasions, all while still being practical.

This season, we’re loving leg warmers in neutrals like black and grey. To complete your outfits, just shop for leg warmers that have an open toe and heel detailing, so they’ll fit better in your everyday booties and shoes.

To that end, I have some ideas to help you bring your leg warmers outside of the house.

Here’s how to wear leg warmers for 3 different occasions!

For date night

For a cozy date night with your boo or your girls, combine a leather skirt with a pair of leg warmers for a cute and practical look. This look can easily work at a bar or at a restaurant, and beats a pair of jeans any day. Complete your look with a pair of booties for an appropriate fall or winter outfit.

For brunch 

If you’re a brunch lover like me, you might also enjoy getting dressed up for the occasion as well. My go-to outfit for Sunday brunch is always a sweater dress with a pair of printed tights. Once the temperature starts to drop, I’ll also add a pair of leg warmers. 

At the chalet 

Your leg warmers are perfect to hang out inside the chalet, as well as outside of the chalet. Get cozy by pairing your leg warmers with an oversized sweater and you might just never leave the chalet. 

Where do you like to wear your leg warmers? 



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