Warm Up to Leg Warmers


Warm Up to Leg Warmers

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Winter is a great season for accessories of all kinds, because it’s also the perfect season for layering. When the weather gets cooler and its time to cozy up, there’s no better way to do that than to keep adding layer after layer of fabulous fashion accessories (less is more? said who?). But if there’s one accessory that truly epitomizes cozy winter fashion, it’s leg warmers. Admittedly, these cozy beauties can be a bit of a scene-stealer, so it’s easy to be intimidated by the thought of styling them. But never fear! In this post, we’re giving you some examples of our favourite ways for how to wear leg warmers. You’ll be warming up to this trend in no time. 

Should I choose long or short leg warmers?

The length of the leg warmers can affect exactly what look you end up pulling off. You really can’t go wrong with this cozy look in any length, but here are some things to keep in mind:

Longer leg warmers, like a 24-inch version, can be worn right up to over the top of the knee. This is a great option if you are hoping to wear your leg warmers with a pair of high boots, and want the leg warmers to be shown off peeking over the tops of your shoes. With a shorter style you won’t be able to make that happen!

Shorter leg warmers, like a 16-inch version, are a better option if your going to be wearing shoes with a lower top, like ankle boots, or flats. Wearing a longer leg warming with this kind of shoe might be overpowering, so shorter leg warmers are ideal for a look that involves smaller footwear!


What shoes should I wear them with?

Again, the answer to this question totally depends on what kind of look you are going for! Flats and heels can be a cute or sexy way to style them. But in our humble option, the best kind of footwear to go with leg warmers (especially for winter) is boots, boots boots!

Ankle booties are a super cute option to wear with your leg warmers. If the boots have a heel, you can pull the leg warmers down at the bottom to hug the back of the boot and wrap the coziness all the way around. Bunch the leg warmers down around your ankles to keep the look feeling so absolutely cozy. Don’t forget that peep-toe booties are a super cute option.

Combat boots are another great option when you’re wondering how to wear leg warmers. Leave the boots slightly unlaced if you like, with the leg warmers bunched down around your ankles. Or, for a tighter look, laced the boots up fully and have the leg warmers tucked inside the boot, just showing at the top.

Tall boots will be the BFF of your 24-inch leg warmers. Pull the leg warmers all the way up over your knee and have them showing over the tops of your boots. It’s a super cute look.


What bottoms should I wear with them?

The fun thing about leg warmers is that you can wear them whether you are having a pants or skirt day– they’re never off limits! Leg warmers over skinny jeans with high boots are a delightful winter ensemble. Imagine walking down a snow-covered pathway in that look!

But when you wear leg warmers with a skirt or dress, you also have the option of choosing whatever tights you like, as well! With a flowy skater skirt, red leg warmers and heart patterned tights is such a romantic look!

For ultimate coziness levels, wear your leg warmers over top of a pair of leggings or knit tights and under a long tunic. This is the most delightfully cozy winter outfit we can imagine! Perfect.


What other accessories should I wear them with?

Anything you love you wear in winter to feel warm and comfy is fair game here! Cute mittens, an infinity scarf, a comfy beanie, a long-strapped shoulder bag to carry your essentials… there are just some of our favourite ideas!


So, now that you’ve got some ideas for how to wear leg warmers, we want to see what you come up with! Share your photos, and don’t forget to tag me! Happy styling!



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