How to Wear Mustard Yellow Tights for Spring

How to Wear Mustard Yellow Tights for Spring

How to Wear Mustard Yellow Tights for Spring

How to Wear Mustard Yellow Tights for Spring

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Hello, yellow! If you're ready to really amp up your wardrobe for Spring then you definitely need to add a little colour to your looks. One of my favourite colours for spring has always been yellow. It's fresh, feminine and a true classic!

So to celebrate the arrival of Spring, I'm sharing a few tips on how to wear yellow tights.

Here’s how to style yellow tights for spring!

1. Pair with light denim

Yellow and denim were made for each other and is one combo I have always loved. For a simple and effortless look, pair your yellow tights with a denim skirt. You can opt for denim in a light or medium wash, as both options work well for spring and will perfectly complement your yellow tights. My pro tip: try a white denim skirt if you're feeling fashion forward!

2. Complement with neutrals

If you're like me and don't tend to wear a ton of colour day-to-day, ease yourself into this look by opting for neutrals too. Neutrals are an easy way to pull together this look and to tone down your bright tights. Another trick I use to pull together my look is by adding an accessory in the same colour as my tights. For this look, I added a yellow hair elastic with a bow to bring my entire outfit together.

3. Put a blazer on it

Now, it’s time to complete your outfit! For spring, I love adding a blazer to my looks to make it work for lunch meetings. You can also pair this look with a moto jacket if you're going out for drinks or date night. A jacket or a blazer will complete your look and keep it polished no matter how fun your tights are.

4. Rock your confidence

Finally, if you're nervous to add a little colour to your wardrobe - don't be! Most importantly, be confident in your yellow tights. Colour can be intimidating to wear, but it can also be fun! Try new looks with your tights and have fun being creative cause I know you look good in colour!

How will you wear yellow tights this spring?



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