How to Wear a Shirtdress

How to Wear a Shirtdress

How to Wear a Shirtdress

How to Wear a Shirtdress

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The shirtdress is one fashion item I could not live without! They’re easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, and work no matter the season.

In case you were wondering what exactly a shirtdress entails, it’s precisely what its name suggests: A long shirt that wears as a dress. They purposely fit a little oversized, which is why they’re so comfortable and versatile.

You can find them in various materials, colours and prints, and there is literally one for every style. The best part of the shirtdress is that there are dozens of ways to wear one and they are way easy to style.

Lately, I’ve been wearing mine with our Tights with Aqua Dotted Pattern. I finish my look with black booties and I’m ready to go. In need of some more style inspiration?

Here are some tips to follow to rock a shirtdress!

  1. Make sure your shirtdress is actually long enough to be considered a dress. A shirtdress that falls above the knee is always a safe option.

  2. Play with tights to style your shirtdress various ways. I love to pair mine with coloured tights and sheer tights with graphic detailing.

  3. Pay special attention to your footwear choice. Heels can easily dress up your look, while a pair of chic sneakers can give your shirtdress a casual cool finish.

  4. Nip your shirtdress in at the waist with a belt. This little accessory will highlight your waist and give you a more clean and sophisticated look.

  5. Top off your shirtdress with a jacket or a blazer to transform your outfit for various occasions. I love to wear mine with a denim or leather jacket.

How will you wear your shirtdress?



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