How to Style OTK White Polka Dot Tights

How to Style OTK White Polka Dot Tights

How to Style OTK White Polka Dot Tights

How to Style OTK White Polka Dot Tights

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How cute are these Over-the-Knee White Polka Dot Tights?! Since I'm already obsessed with OTK tights, this polka dot version just about made my heart explode with excitement. They’re slightly more daring, but still easy to wear for a variety of occasions.

In fact, there are many different ways to style these tights, so don’t be afraid to mix patterns and prints. Still, I opted for a basic look with a few surprise twists to allow these tights to be the star of my outfit and now, you can easily recreate it too.

Here’s how to Style OTK White Polka Dot Tights!

All Black Everything

Wearing tights with shorts is a great way to make your summer wardrobe last all year long. This outfit combo is also a great option to wear with OTK tights as shorts are the perfect length to show off the polka dot detailing and over-the-knee style of these tights. Since I chose dressy black shorts, I opted for a matching blazer to create a polished look that mimics a suit.

Combat Boots

This look is pretty formal, so to balance it out and make it appear more casual, I paired it with combat boots. The hardness of the boot really meshes well with the the rest of the look, which is more fancy. When an outfit is a little too dressed up for me, I love to add an element that will help tone it down, unless of course I'm actually dressing up for a fancy affair.

Pop of Red

To complete this look, a pop of colour is a must! I opted for a touch of red to carry on the Holiday vibes. This sweater wasn't expensive and adds a whimsical touch due to the cute pearl detailing. Now, the sweater and boots both have pearls and mimic polka dots on the tights.

Outfit details

Sweater: H&M
Shorts: ASOS
Blazer: H&M
Boots: Zara (Similar)
Hat: Zara

When you're styling patterned OTK tights, you can't really go wrong. Let them be the star of your outfit by keeping other outfit details to a minimum. No one will really be looking at your outfit anyway. They'll actually be too busy obsessing over these adorable tights and trying to figure out where you got them from instead!



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