How to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer 2019

How to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer 2019

How to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer 2019

How to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer 2019

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One must never underestimate the power of a well-fitted jumpsuit! Not only is this all-in-one garment a serious fashion hit, it’s the perfect piece to make a statement every time.

Still, I know jumpsuits can be a little intimidating and were not always sure how and where to actually wear one.

For easy styling, I’m relying on a solid jumpsuit to take me through summer 2019 and following some simple style tips that I’ll share with you, so you can nail your jumpsuit look too.

Ready to rock the jumpsuit trend all summer long?

Here’s 3 style tips to follow to wear a jumpsuit for summer 2019!

Find the perfect fit

To nail the jumpsuit trend the most important thing to do is to find one that fits you perfectly. Shop for a jumpsuit that isn’t too fitted so you don’t give off Catwoman vibes, but opt for one that’s a little loose and cinched at the waist instead for the perfect figure-flattering look.

Dress for the occasion

Jumpsuits can be great for both formal and casual occasions thanks to the right styling. I always love to wear heels with a jumpsuit, but a pair of sneakers can be equally chic and just right for a day look. Consider where you’re going next time you pull on a jumpsuit and dress accordingly.

Add an accessory

Jumpsuits are an easy garment to wear and make coordinating an outfit way simple, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accessorize. For summer 2019, I’m styling my jumpsuit with a pair of fishnet socks. It's a great accessory to add dimension to my look and they’re packed with personality!

How will you rock the jumpsuit for summer 2019?



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