How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

How to Stay Warm and Still Look Stylish

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I've heard so many people say that it’s too cold to dress cute, but really that’s no excuse.

I'm the type of person who is always cold, but layers and fabulous Winter accessories allow me to still show off my stylish side, all while helping me stay warm.

Here’s how to stay stylish, while beating the cold this season!


One of my favourite things about this time of year is all the layers I get to wear. To get a look that mimics that of a sweater dress, I wore a long shirt dress with a long sweater over it, adding length and dimension to my look. For extra warmth, add a long-sleeved tee under your shirt dress as well.


Grab a solid scarf or a fun patterned one to add some pizzazz to your look. This simple touch will add an extra layer and provide warmth, all while adding to your stylish outfit, win-win!

Chic gloves

Pleather gloves look just like the real thing. They will help keep your fingers warm, but also add a little extra something to your whole look. Whether they are colourful, printed or studded like mine, they'll be your new favourite way to stay chic and warm.

Warm tights

How adorable are these OTK tights?! The sock is attached to the tights and they are so warm. They’re perfect for staying warm during those cold months. Such a cute and creative idea and so ideal for this time of year.

Top it off

A hat is so important for keeping the heat locked into your head and body. But you know me, I'm a hat lover no matter the season! A hat is a unique way to make your outfit even better. Luckily, there are many to choose from during this time of year. Whether it's the beret, the pompom, the big floppy hat, or a cabby hat, there are lots of cute styles to up the 'it' factor of your warm look.

Cute Coat

For your coat, you can stick with a solid colour or go for a fun print, but the fit and style of your coat is what’s super important to stay chic during these cool months. Since it’s the finishing touch of your outfit and what will be the most seen, finding that perfect coat is key. Don’t settle and try on different coats to be sure that you’ve got the perfect fit for your frame. It will make all the difference in your outfit and your confidence.

So don't go freezing your buns off this winter for style and instead try these tips to help stay stylish and warm all winter long.



Fashion, lifestyle & travel blogger Sarah Duquette has been better known as Boho & Braids since she started her blog 6 years ago. She has built a fun and loyal following and has done work for a wide variety of brands including but not limited to: Tim Hortons, Winners, Sleep Country, Chevrolet and Flare Magazine. She LOVES all things fashion and uses fashion in creative and innovative ways to express her creativity.

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