Athletic Shorts: How to Shop for the Perfect Pair

Athletic Shorts: How to Shop for the Perfect Pair

Athletic Shorts: How to Shop for the Perfect Pair

Athletic Shorts: How to Shop for the Perfect Pair

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When summer comes around, it’s time for bike rides, long walks, and generally getting outdoors to enjoy the season. That means a pair of athletic shorts will be much needed for just about any and all summer activities like tennis and outdoor workouts. 

What's more, with warmer weather also come skirts and dresses… so what’s a girl to do if she wants to wear all the cutest summer looks without worrying about an outfit malfunction? The solution: a perfect pair of athletic shorts to wear underneath all your summertime outfits. 

All it takes is the perfect pair... and we think we found them right here in Quebec. 

Here are the keys elements to look for when shopping for the perfect pair of athletic shorts!  

1. Make sure they are breathable

Since it’s summertime, you want to make sure you aren’t piling on layers that will make you feel overly hot and sticky. Choose a pair of shorts that are made with breathable fabrics, like lycra and nylon.

2. Make sure they are short enough to be hidden, but long enough to give you coverage

The point of wearing shorts under your dresses and skirts is you won’t have to compromise your cute outfit for a practical one. Find a pair of athletic shorts that are long enough to cover yourself so you don’t feel exposed, but short enough to stay hidden under your outfit.

3. Make sure they have a slim fit

You’ll feel most comfortable in multiple layers if your athletic shorts are slim-fitting. A looser pair will have you feeling weighed-down, and may look bulky under your outfit.

4. Make sure they have stretch

You want to be free to break out into a jog, do a spontaneous cartwheel, or even climb a tree on a whim—so make sure the shorts you choose have plenty of stretch to allow you to move in whatever way you please.

5. Make sure they are made of a soft fabric

The final aspect of the comfort checklist is all in the fabric choice. Anything scratchy or rough will be a bother. Again, a nylon/lycra blend will give you a smooth fabric that is soft and comfortable.



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