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How to Plan The Most Comfortable Travel Outfit Ever

Versatile Clothing Item

How to Plan The Most Comfortable Travel Outfit Ever

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Summertime means time for adventure!

Whether you’re hopping on a plane to an exotic destination, taking a few weeks on a road trip with your friends, or just heading out to the cottage for the weekend, it’s important to feel comfortable while you’re on the move. 

Here's how to create a comfortable travel outfit!  

Start with the basics

Don’t underestimate the importance of comfortable undergarments when it comes to a comfortable travel outfit. Breathable cotton undies and a comfortable bra are both non-negotiable. I love to travel in a bralette with no underwire. 

Choose comfortable fabrics

On a day where you'll be seated for a long time, you don't want to feel itchy or sticky because of a poor fabric choice. Nylon is an excellent option for travel wear because it is breathable and wicks moisture away from your body. Cotton or cotton-polyester blends are also other comfortable, breathable fabric options. That's why Athleisure-type clothing items with breathable cut-out panels are a great choice to include in your comfortable travel outfit. Look for a pair of leggings or activewear top with mesh panels to leave you feeling free and breezy while you’re on your way.

Layer up

Layers are one of the keys to a truly comfortable travel outfit. It’s a good idea to start with a tank top or short-sleeved Tee so you can cool down, if needed. Add a long-sleeved t-shirt or zip-up hoodie (or both), and finish with a light outer layer like a denim jacket or windbreaker. Layering up means you also have the benefit of saving a little extra space in your luggage!

Make sure you can move

If it’s going to slow you down, don’t even think of putting it on. While a maxi skirt might seam like a comfortable option, it could literally trip you up if you find yourself having to break into a sprint if your plane changes gates at the last minute. Leggings are your best bet. They will allow you to curl up comfortably in your seat, but won’t restrict easy movement between your transit points.

Put all these elements together, and you’ll have a perfectly comfortable travel outfit ready to go!

Where are you heading off to this summer?



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