How to Mix Prints the Right Way

How to Mix Prints the Right Way

How to Mix Prints the Right Way

How to Mix Prints the Right Way

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Mixing prints is one trend that’s here to stay, but it’s definitely one of the trickier trends to master.

Fortunately, all you have to do is follow a few simple rules to properly master the art of mixing and matching.

I promise, it’s way easier than it looks!

Here are 5 styles rules to help you wear mixed prints like a fashion pro!

1. Match colours, not prints

In order to achieve the perfect mix of print on print, you must take colour into account. When matching two or more prints together, make sure they have at least one colour in common. What’ more, think to match bold hues with other bold hues, and a lighter palette with a fellow light palette.

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2. Opt for basic prints

Some prints act as neutrals and are more simple than others. Opt for easy prints like polka dots, leopard or stripes for a seamless pattern-play and try to avoid prints that are too complex, which can sometimes be tricky to pair.

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3. Break it up with solids

For a look that feels a little more put-together, mix solid colour pieces like a white blazer with a print-on-print outfit. Solid basics will help break up your outfit and will help you avoid any pattern overload.

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4. Wear prints from the same family

The exact same print can be worn together when you play with colour. Wear polka dots with polka dots and checks with checks by wearing complementary hues or colours from the same family in varying shades.

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5. Play with size

The same print in different sizes can also make the perfect combination and provides an easy way to wear print-on-print. Regardless of colour, match a top with thin stripes with a bottom featuring large stripes for a look that pairs well together.

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Do you feel ready to wear a print-on-print look?




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