How to Dress Without Shaving your Legs

How to Dress Without Shaving your Legs

How to Dress Without Shaving your Legs

How to Dress Without Shaving your Legs

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Most days, I can’t be bothered to shave my legs. Shaving them always feels like a chore and within a day the stubble is back and you have to do it all over again! Really, who has time for that?

Now, I’m not about to give up shaving all together, but to get through those days where I just can’t be bothered I’ve thought of some outfit solutions.

Here’s 4 ways to dress without shaving your legs!

Wear sheer tights

Sheer tights are a great accessory to take you through summer when you need to cover up your legs. You can easily pair them with skirts and summer dresses without worrying about what your legs look like. Shop for tights that are nylon and sheer so they’ll be more comfortable and breezy for Spring and Summer.

Wear knee-high socks

Thigh hair is hardly a problem, so just worry about covering up your shinbones with knee-high socks. Pair them with shorts or your favourite mini skirt and you have the perfect wardrobe solution for those no-shave days. Now, that was easy!

Wear a jumpsuit

A breezy jumpsuit can also easily take you through no-shave days and are always a comfortable option. Pair a jumpsuit with a pair of fun socks and no one will have a clue about your hidden hairy legs.

Just own it

Shaving is actually a pretty recent phenomenon and there’s no law that forces of forbids you to do it. If you don’t want to shave, then don’t and just own it! Wear whatever you want and let your leg hair shine.

Will you be embracing any no-shave days this summer?



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