How to Pull Off the Overall Trend this Fall

How to Pull Off the Overall Trend this Fall

How to Pull Off the Overall Trend this Fall

How to Pull Off the Overall Trend this Fall

Style Tips

Skirt overalls are super trendy right now and this girl couldn't be more excited for this fun take on the classic overall.

If you’re loving this trend too, but you’re not quite sure how to wear it, I have some style tips to help you.

Here are 4 steps to follow to style skirt overalls for Fall!

It's time for long sleeves

It's my favourite time of year again with falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin everything, but it's also time to break out the long sleeves again. Since it's getting cooler out, long sleeves are a must. Fortunately, skirt overalls are just screaming for a cute long sleeve top to be layered underneath them. I love turtlenecks, but a blouse, long sleeve tee or plaid button-up shirt is also appropriate, and perfect for this time of year. Since you're styling for Fall, you’ll want to keep Fall-like colours in mind. Opt for colours like burgundy, navy, forest green or cognac.

Tights are a must

We’re at that point of the year where tights are an absolute must. I get excited for the temperatures to change because I'm totally tights obsessed! There are so many tights options to choose from and they can all easily switch up your look. The key is to wear tights that match another color in your look, even if it's just an accessory like a hat or a bag. This will help pull your look together. I love how these Navy Polka Dot Tights add a fun twist to this Parisian look.

Put a cap on it

A hat's a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit and can take it from drab to fab. It's these little touches that really help your outfit come together as a whole. From tights to hats, to your jewelry, all these extras can up your look’s “it” factor. Try a beret for an extra chic look or a cabbie hat to dress it down. Not a cap girl? Then add a cute scarf to your hair for some flair.

Mix prints and add some fun to your outfit

Why not try your hand at print mixing? A small polka dot with a stripe is always a safe bet and can add a little extra oomph to your look. Be sure to stick to the same colour palette or things could go terribly awry. When starting out with print mixing, think small and opt for basic prints, so you don't look like a kid styled you.

Follow these tips and you'll be feeling like the Queen of Fall in your skirt overalls. And who doesn't want to be royalty, am I right?!



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