This is How City Girls Wear Thigh-High Socks

This is How City Girls Wear Thigh-High Socks

This is How City Girls Wear Thigh-High Socks

This is How City Girls Wear Thigh-High Socks

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Winter is in full swing and so are the notorious winter blues. Fortunately, we can depend on winter fashion and new arrivals to pull us out of any cold weather rut to feel fresh and new again.

As a city girl stuck in the cold, Rachel’s off-white thigh-high socks came at the perfect time to pull me out of my winter fashion rut. Are you ready to get out of yours too?

Here’s how to wear off-white thigh-high socks like a city girl!

1. Show a little leg

I'm a suburb girl gone city girl and I’ve witnessed many ways to style thigh-high socks including over jeans, leggings and tights. To survive the city, being trendy and warm is key. So, to all my city ladies, try pairing a skirt, skort, or shorts with Rachel's thigh-high socks. Styling your thigh-high socks under a skirt or skort is definitely a bold fashion statement, but a stylish way to grab lunch or coffee with your girls on the weekend!

2. Layer with your boots

A practical, yet trendy way to style your thigh-high socks is with a pair of midi or thigh-high boots! It adds warmth and looks pretty chic too. I added a pair of off-white midi boots to create a monochromatic look with my off-white thigh-high socks. You could also flip your thigh-high socks down onto your boots to change up your look. I also love the look of thigh-high socks slightly peeking out of high boots for extra warmth.

3. Add texture

My last tip to create the perfect city look with thigh-high socks is by adding texture! Add texture by wearing prints and playing with materials like faux fur, suede, leather, or the ever popular Teddy Coat. The more textured layers, the better! My blogger tip: match your top to your thigh-high socks to look more pulled together and polished!

How will you style your thigh-high socks in the city?



Lauren is the passionate founder behind her blog Basic Babe, where she shares her effortless outfits and beauty tips. Currently, Lauren resides in Toronto with her husband and two fur babies. When not styling outfits for her blog, you can find Lauren trying new restaurants in the city and binge-watching new shows on Netflix.

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