Styling Tights

A Guide to Styling 5 Popular Tights Styles

Styling Tights

A Guide to Styling 5 Popular Tights Styles

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We’ve all been there: You’re standing in front of a closet full of clothes, with no inspiration to put an outfit together. Even with a whole wardrobe full of beautiful pieces, you’re left wondering how to style an outfit that looks and feels great.

To get around this age-old fashion dilemma, I like to start by choosing a pair of tights (usually my favourite pair) and then I style an outfit from there. When you begin with your best accessory, the rest of your look will come together in a snap.

Of course, depending on the attributes of the tights you’ve chosen, you’ll want to choose clothing items that pair well. Fortunately, with the right accessory in hand, you’re already halfway there!

To help you create the perfect outfit with your chosen tights, I have some styling tips.

Here’s how to create the perfect outfit with any of these 5 popular tights styles!

If you picked cozy knit tights

Choose a similarly cozy dress or skirt in a stretchy material to complete your comfy look. Plaid and flannel can also complement your knit tights and can help add some dimension to your look with a scarf. Now, your best autumn look will come together in no time.

If you picked tights with a slight pattern

Don’t be afraid to pair patterned tights with other patterns. With a pair of sheer patterned tights, I like to wear a solid bottom and then a top with another pattern such as stripes. Complete your look with a throw and you’re ready for the day.

If you picked tights with a unique, eye-catching pattern

Styling Tights

Choose clothes that have a solid colour! The pattern on your tights and the pop of colour will compliment each other without being overpowering.

If you picked coloured tights

Styling Tights

Pair coloured tights with either solid coulored items or printed items, and don’t be afraid to play with materials. Navy tights pair nicely with leather or denim. Try them with a black leather skirt and oversized grey sweater for the perfect fall look.

If you picked Over-the-knee tights

Styling Tights

These grey over-the-knee tights pair well with other cozy materials and items. Wear them with a sweater in a similar grey and a fun skirt in a complimentary colour such as khaki or navy.

What style of tights inspires you the most?



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