3 Ways Grey Tights Can Elevate your Winter Looks

3 Ways Grey Tights Can Elevate your Winter Looks

3 Ways Grey Tights Can Elevate your Winter Looks

3 Ways Grey Tights Can Elevate your Winter Looks

Style Tips

Tights in any colour or shade other than black are fun to play with and allow for tons of new outfit ideas.

Let’s face it, we usually wear black tights - they’re an easy go-to - but if you’re looking to elevate your style, then change up your tights and change your whole outfit/outlook. Grey tights can be just as conservative as black ones, but will quickly breathe new life into your wardrobe. Just think of all the fun outfit possibilities!

Here are 3 ways grey tights can elevate your winter looks!

With pastels

Pair your grey tights with pastels and ditch black altogether. This will create a super clean aesthetic that would be too overwhelming to pair with black tights. Grey is a softer hue that mixes perfectly with other neutrals like a white coat and a pastel sweater. They’ll bring a different and softer perspective to your wardrobe, so grab your grey tights and start having fun with a lighter colour palette.

Outfit details

Sweatshirt: Brunette the label
White Coat: ASOS
Skirt: Forever 21
Hat: H&M
Belt Bag: Forever 21

Create division and bring out your legs

Still not ready to let go of black? Add grey tights to an all-black look and make your outfit pop. Grey tights will help create division between your legs, boots and skirt to help your outfit stand out and avoid a total blackout. To keep your tights cohesive with the rest of your look, add grey somewhere else, even if it's a slightly different shade. This will pull your outfit together and create an elevated look.

Outfit details

Skirt: Dynamite
Turtleneck: H&M
Hat: Aritzia
Boots: Le Chateau
Belt Bag: Zara

Mostly monochrome

Monochrome outfits have been a big hit these past few seasons and they look totally chic. Elevate your monochrome look with a grey colour scheme and spice it up with a splash of colour. I opted for a checkered skirt and balanced my look out with a matching red purse. It's like taking your monochrome outfit to the next level by putting a fun little spin, creating a 'mostly' killer monochrome look.

Outfit details

Skirt: Aritzia
Coat: Soia & Kyo (similar)
Bag: Forever 21

If you've been feeling like you're in a 2019 fashion rut, change things up and add grey tights to your wardrobe! I promise they’re guaranteed to elevate your look.



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